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In three short months I will be looking for your vote as the next Sheriff of Eau Claire County! In the mean time I hope to see many of you and talk about my plans for Eau Claire County, and the Sheriff's Office.
Some of the priorities of my tenure as Sheriff will be:

Eau Claire County Jail

I am prepared to support the completion of the jail to facilitate the potential need to separate inmates due to illness or physical needs, and to expand the programs we can offer to inmates.

By completing the fourth pod, I am prepared to facilitate the formation and expansion of partnerships with educational institutions, vocational training facilities, rehabilitation services and housing assistance to create employment opportunities and reduce the recidivism rate in Eau Claire County.

I am prepared to hire adequate staff, and retain that staff so that our agency can efficiently function to completely serve the community and work with our partners in daily operations.

Correctional Officer Protective Status

I have recently been told by Eau Claire County Board Chair Nick Smiar that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) have come to an agreement on Protective Status for Correctional Officers. He believes that the passage of Protective Status designation for Correctional Officers will begin in January with the Legislature and Assembly.

Community Engagement

More face-to-face opportunities for the ECSO staff to be involved in township meetings and community groups and events will be planned.

The Sheriff's Office will continue to be involved in mental health wellness for staff and community members. Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO) recently welcomed a Mental Health Liaison, Social Worker in Crisis through a partnership with Eau Claire County Department of Human Services. The Mental Health Liaison works with Field Services (patrol) and Secure Services (jail) for mental wellness of persons contacted through calls for service, and those who are incarcerated.

As Sheriff I will promote efforts to combat drug abuse and drug related crimes through local, state, and federal partnerships that work together with the goal of stopping overdose deaths and crimes committed due to drug dependency.

I will continue to protect children by supporting education of the community on prevention and identification of child abuse in all its forms; mental, physical, sexual and drug exposure. I will also ensure thorough investigation of all reported child concerns.

As your next Sheriff I will continue to collaborate and expand the working relationships we have with regional multi-disciplinary agencies to benefit the county, and the Sheriff's Office.

Don Henning for Sheriff
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